"Being unafraid. Being unafraid of what people will say or how they will judge. Going with your gut. And being unafraid to share your vision with the world." Daniella Daemy is a Swedish Iranian Writer/Director/producer influenced by the likes of Ken Loach and Mike Leigh, with a tinge of David Lynch. She thinks of her influences and background as a kind of ‘everyday cultural schizophrenia’. Her background is in Psychology, and she spent five years working in mental hospitals in Stockholm. This has given her a unique outlook, and a fascinating storytelling approach. Daemy is a visually stylish film director, whose work grabs the attention on an aesthetic basis first - and then works to communicate its ideas on a deeper level. She took a Master Degree in Fine Arts and Photography in England, and then moved to London to pursue a writing career. Over the next 4 years she developed several shorts and two feature films - ‘Sardines in a Can’ and ‘Ava’. Daemy is currently n post-production on her latest short film shot on 35 mm about domestic violence.
“I always like characters who are in the midst of a transition and trying to find their place in the world and their identity."