Based on a true story, Ava is a psychological thriller that charts the life of a London-based female writer of Iranian descent. In her search for contentment to her self-destructive, despondent lifestyle, Ava enters the covert world of human smuggling, a trade where the broken, the desperate and the hopeful become her clientele. The relationship with her Policeman husband deteriorates as her involvement deepens in this lucrative yet lethal trade where serenity and tragedy flow together in harmony.
Jumping from London to Paris, to Istanbul, to Tehran, the film explores the tragedies of illegal migration and displacement. Stories of discrimination, homophobia and rape lurk under the surface of these tableaux, where Ava’s increasing instability punctuates a kaleidoscopic picture of her terrible ambivalence about her job, which is ethically problematic, and her own life, which is philosophically complex