My Baby Shot Me Down

Title: My Baby Shot me Down

Written and Directed by Daniella Daemy

 Year of production: 2016

Duration: 10 min

Genre: Drama

Country of production:


Production format: 35 MM Screening format DCP

Language English


MY BABY SHOT ME DOWN Is about five women and their insatiable desire for revenge as they kidnap their men for crimes of domestic violence.



My baby shot me down is an experimental film shot on 35 mm about domestic violence with a twist. In the UK a woman is killed every 3 days as a result of domestic abuse. I wanted to create a short film that would portrait the harsh reality of domestic violence but also a film that gets the attention by being daring, beautiful, surreal empowering and an honest visual experience. With the help of costumes, music and no dialogue. Creating a film where meaning is determined strictly by what is seen and heard from music alone. To me, one of the purest forms of film-making is silent movies. Images that tell a story. There’s always something special about them when they’re done well, they hold your attention in a pure cinematic way and what counts is spectacle and the ecstasy of seeing. My baby shot me down falls into the long tradition of movies about the movies.

apple my baby shot me down

I wanted to experiment visually, storytelling is an art form and when dialogue is stripped down, or completely taken away, it’s most evident. It’s a way of forcing the audience to watch and ‘read’ the film in a more concentrated, intuitive way. Instead of using dialogue I concentrated on using music for each scene, I believe that it seeks out and intensify the inner thoughts of the characters. I didn’t want to use any fashionable backdrops; instead I wanted it to unfold against everyday scenery. I wanted all of the scenes to be shot in a frank and honest way with the same level of natural detail and nuance as the settings. I often like my work to have a raw and edgy feel with a sense of spontaneity.

The visuals had to be aesthetically beautiful but the colour had to be almost monochromatic with small selections of striking colour that break through. Like it does in our dreams. I wanted the film to be gorgeous to watch without losing the edge or the pathos. I used extreme close-ups of the faces not to miss any tell-tale signs, whether a smile, a frown or a look of bemusement. I wanted to capture it all, feel it which also helped the way I guided their performances. Always searching for the emotional truthfulness.


Miss Director  Charlotte Atkinson

Mr Actor  Luca Ribezzo

Miss Yellow Marta Coluccia

Mr Yellow Shiraz Haq

Miss Orange Alida Pantone

Mr Orange Andre Mckie

  Miss Blue Sydnee Howard

  Mr Blue Alessandro De Marco

Miss Pink Anna Clarence

Mr Pink Colin Lee Berry


Written and Directed by Daniella Daemy

Produced by Anthony Da Silva and Daniella Daemy

Director of Photography Martyn Culpan

Editor 1 Iain Thompson

Editor 2 Cristina Balduin

Sound Design Martyn Larcombe

Composer Richard McCormick